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You know you're an architecture student when
by Katy Purviance on 03/22/08 @ 12:00:23 pm
Categories: Observations, Grad School | 1043 words | 1069 views

* You analyze everything as if it were a building.

* You confuse sunrise with sunset; today with tomorrow.

* The alarm clock tells you to go to sleep.

* You’re not ashamed to sleep or drool in class anymore, especially during theology or english lectures.

* You cut your finger and the first thing you think is if your blood would look good on your model and if you can finish it.

* You say “It’s only midnight- I have a a lot of time to finish this.”

* Whenever you finish a project and you don’t have other school work to do, you don’t know what else to do with your time.

* You understand what 4B, 2B, B, HB, H, 2H, and 4H are, and have lots of each type.

* You know what Super glue tastes like.

* You celebrate space and observe your birthday

* You hear from other people “Didn’t you wear that yesterday?” followed by “or the day before?”

* Pencil smudges and ink smears are the bane of your existence.

* Coffee, Extra Joss, and Red Bull are tools, not treats.

* You have four food groups- candy, caffeine, coffee, and junk food.

* People are nauseated just by smelling your caffeine breath.

* You are surprised when you see a new building materialize overnight in your school and criticize it.

* You think it’s possible to create space out of nothing.

*Your room mate files a ‘Missing Person Report

*Your non-architect friends don’t get excited when you talk about minimalism anymore.

* You’ve slept more than 20 hours non-stop in a single weekend.

* Days don’t exist anymore, everything is based on number of hours of work.

* You fight with inanimate objects (knead eraser figurines, paper clip airplanes, pencil swords.. etc.) because it’s the only fun you get.

* You can fall asleep on any surface (your drafting table, keyboard, hallway floor, toilet cubicle)

* Your brother or sister thinks he or she is an only child.


* You’ve listened to all your CDs in less than 48 hours.

* The biggest decision you have to make near the end of the term is “pencil, or ink?”

* Computers are known only as the white box of death. (They keep crashing on you).

* You’re not seen in public, and your parents have a better social life than you.

* You have no life and admit it.

* You avoid eating, sleeping, or going to the hospital even when you’re seriously injured just because you need to finish a model

* You wear a usb drive around your neck.

*You’re dating another architecture student.

*You know all the 24-hour places in the area.

* You lose your house keys and you don’t notice until after week.

* You give gifts wrapped in tracing paper.

* You ask Santa for architecture supplies for Christmas

* When asked if you like the Guggenheim Museum, you reply Which one?

* You refer to outside your drafting or working area as the “Real World.”

* You’ve brushed your teeth and washed your hair in the university’s bathroom.

* You’ve discovered the benefits of having none or very short hair, and started to appreciate inheriting baldness.

* You’ve used an entire role of film to photograph the footpath.

* You don’t see the other side of the campus anymore.

* You’ve listened to every song in your ipod in less than two days.

* You wonder if beds ever existed and thought they were just myths.

* You know the exact time the vending machines are refilled.

* Being in architecture gets you excused from attending your other classes.

* You always carry a deodorant, facial wash, toothbrush and toothpaste to school.

* You become excellent at recycling when making models.

* You are a “Fourth Year” not a senior because you’re not graduating anytime soon.

* You make a continuous and monotonous, hoarsey whine when you speak.

* You heard the same song play more than three times in one night

*You have waited three hours in the middle of the night during competition week to print out a project, just to realize the damn plotter is spazzing out and

* There’s no one to fix it until the next day.

*You can dance Miranmar at 3am without a single ounce of alcohol in your body.

* You take notes or leave messages using your steadler pens or kurekolors.

* You combine breakfast, lunch and dinner into one single meal.

* You see holidays only as extra sleeping time.

* You start to wear black.. always.

* You’ve got more photographs of buildings than of actual people.

* You’ve taken your girlfriend (boyfriend) on a date to a construction site.

* You’ve realized that French curves are not that exciting.

* You can live without human contact, food or daylight for days, but when your pc gets a virus while you’re doing your autocad, sketchup or revit, you can commit suicide.

* You’ve been in the same room sitting in the same spot for 12 hours working on a project, and dying for a cup of coffee, but again too focused on your work to go and get one

* You hear the word party and know it has nothing to do with your plans for the weekend.

*You’ve tried to squeeze sixteen hours worth of term paper work into fifteen minutes and succeeded.

* You understand why architects have white hair and wear glasses.

* Your vocabulary changes ("short-cut” into “hypotenuse", “toilet” into “water closet", “electric fan” into “artificial ventilation")

* When you’re being shown pictures of a trip, you ask about the human scale.

* You use architecture tools to eat.

* You wake up to go to school and you’re already there.

*You know how much a cubic foot of concrete weighs (150lbs). haha duhh who doesn’t know that?

* You think trashcans can become artistic.

*Your concept of time is not forward, but a countdown from the time a project is due

* You can use Photoshop, Illustrator and make a web page, but you don’t know how to use Microsoft Excel.

* You refer to great architects (dead or alive) by their first name as if you knew them (Frank, Corbu, Mies, Norman).

* You can murder the person who called you lazy.

* You get excited about a book…on stairs…in a totally foreign language .

* Someone offers you an ordinary pen, and you are offended.

* You’ve got tons and tons of used masking tapes on your wall or anything that is near your drafting table

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