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I'm so proud
by Katy Purviance on 04/01/08 @ 04:22:33 pm
Categories: News, Videos | 620 words | 1343 views

Here’s the latest from my penultimate alma mater!

Architecture Students Win National Sustainability Video Competition

March 28, 2008

MOSCOW, Idaho – A video by the University of Idaho chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students has won the National Architecture 2030 Reverberate Video competition. The video seeks to spread the word about global warming.

The group submitted two versions of “A Brighter Future” – one with and one without sound – and took home a $4,000 prize for the silent production.

The impetus for the video came in late December at a National AIAS Forum attended by several University of Idaho AIAS students. Edward Mazria, senior principal at Mazria Inc., an architecture and planning firm in Santa Fe, N.M., presented at the forum and challenged the students to address sustainable practices in architecture.

Mazria also is the creator of the 2030° Challenge for global architecture and the building community, which calls for all newly constructed buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030, meaning that no fossil fuel is used to operate the facility.

Nick Hubof, a senior in architecture and president of the Idaho chapter of AIAS, said the event was inspiring. “We came back from Forum motivated to create awareness about global warming and what individuals can do to address the problem,” he said.

Shortly after returning to campus for the spring semester, northern Idaho received a large amount of snow, and an idea was born.

“In architecture, we respond to the environment and use material that is locally available,” said Hubof. “We decided to make a structure that reflected where we live.”

The 60-second video shows students building an igloo on the University of Idaho campus. They worked together to create a compact, level surface, and fashioned snow blocks using recycle bins and buckets.

“This structure is conceptually compelling as a perfect example of passive design,” said Jake Dunn, a senior in architecture from Mountain Home and the video project leader. “It uses local materials (snow), is formally responsive to climate, has a low embodied energy, and leaves an ephemeral impact on its environment.”

The video showcases different light sources, including glow sticks and fire. “The main focus of the video was to emphasize not using coal as an energy source through designing passive architecture,” said Dunn.

“While coal is a readily available resource, the amount of damage it does to the environment diminishes other sustainable actions,” said Hubof. “The video shows that what you do locally can have a global effect.”

The video also documented the event of a community coming together for a common good. “We really hoped to communicate through the video that it takes the right design attitude to mitigate the problem of global warming,” Dunn said. “As architecture students, it’s not about making tons of igloos; we just wanted to show that it’s possible to achieve beautiful design while being carbon neutral.”

The video is featured on the American Institute of Architecture Students Web site at, and also is available at

The video project team includes: Jacob Dunn; Nick Hubof; Tim Hedrick, a senior in architecture from Boise; Luke Ivers, a sophomore in engineering from Potlatch; Jarod Hall, a graduate student in architecture from Vernal, Utah; Sean Nelson, a graduate student in architecture from Bountiful, Utah; Brett Gulash, graduate architecture student from Las Vegas, Nev.; Randy Teal, assistant professor of architecture; and Frank Jacobus, assistant professor of architecture.

The University of Idaho’s College of Art and Architecture trains it students to be leaders in sustainable practices, both personally and professionally. For more information, visit, e-mail or call (208) 885-4409.

(I miss you, University of Idaho)

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