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The choice is yours
by Katy Purviance on 07/11/08 @ 03:51:45 pm
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I did it. I went through my entire collection of Dwell, Architectural Record, Natural Home, and Ready Made Magazine, and then I donated them all to the students at the Los Angeles Institute of Architecture & Design, my most recent alma mater.

It’s all part of Operation: Minimalize Material Posessions, which is a reactionary operation. It’s a reaction to the Bush Administrations’s Operation: Make It So Nobody Can Afford Gas.

It costs too much to move. So I’ve gotta give everything away.

I also went through my collection of product literature. (Do you collect that stuff too?)

I found this flyer from Blazing Solar that I picked up at a convention in Phoenix a few years back. I thought I’d share it with you.

Every Day The Sun Rises…
The Choice is Yours

Electric/Gas Water Heating
* Pay 100% of your water heating bill
* Constantly rising yearly utility bills
* No equity or increased value in your home
* Monthly payments for hot water with no return on your investment
* Creates air pollution and puts heavy toxic metals into our air and water, helping to destroy the only living planet

vs. Solar Water Heating
* Eliminate 70% - 90% of your water heating bill
* Constantly increasing savings in non-taxable income
* Your home equity value increases becasue of your investment
* Income generator produces a monthly positive cash flow
* By using non-polluting free solar energy, you are being a responsible citizen of the planet.

Bottom Line
Electric/Gas Water Heating is money spent
with no return on your investment and with increased damage to the environment day by day. More CO2 is pumped into the air causing global warming.

Solar Water Heating is money earned
with built-up equity in your home and a non-taxable rate of return on your solar system of 7% to over 30% annually.

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